Arnprior Aerospace Inc.Manufacture and Supply of Mechanical Structures Since 1954

Arnprior Aerospace Inc.

Arnprior Aerospace Inc. has more than 60 years experience in the design, production and support of structural components for Aerospace and Defense applications. Our expertise creates a superior one-stop shopping experience and value for our customers. This capability, combined with an ingrained Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement culture, yields tremendous value for higher level assembly and integration solutions.

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Core Capabilities

  • Machining

    Arnprior continues to invest in additional and upgraded machining capabilities at our Portland and Chihuahua facilities. We have efficient high spindle speed 3/4/5 axis machines that can handle up to 4m in length (soft metals) and 1m (hard metals).

  • Processing

    To support our customer focused one stop shop vertical integration strategy, Arnprior has an impressive in-house processing capability that includes NADCAP approved heat treatment, chemical processing, and paint. Additionally, we have environmental testing amongst other things that provides retention of ownership, reduced lead times and costs.

  • Assembly

    Arnprior has over 60 years experience of assembling aircraft components and structures. This often includes complex and/or large fully integrated/POU assemblies such as doors, avionic racks, BRU's, gimbals and more.

  • Fabrication

    Extensive fabrication of detail components is undertaken in our forming and profiling workshop in Chihuahua. This capability is complimented by our vertically integrated heat treatment, chemical processing, paint, and automated inspection.

Our Locations

Arnprior, ON - Head Office

Large scale project management; process improvements; supply chain management, human resource management, M&A activities and corporate finance.

Chihuahua, CH

Lower cost production (BCC); manufacturing center of excellence; stable, high volume production; fabrication and assembly.

Portland, OR

38 Machining centers; fabrication and assembly; commercial and defense (ITAR/EAR); makino 5 Axis MAG1 cell up to 1.5 meters.