AAI Introduces New Advisory Board

September 9, 2020

Arnprior Aerospace Inc. (AAI) is pleased to introduce its new advisory board formed to provide strategic advice to AAI leadership as it looks to broaden capability and focus on new growth opportunities.

“I am thrilled to announce this new advisory board created to help provide strategic guidance to our company,” said Tom Melvin, President of AAI. “The quality and diversity of experience is tremendous and I look forward to working with this talented group to gain further insight into both the business and political realities affecting our industry.”

AAI is a world class aerospace manufacturer. While COVID-19 and other issues affecting the manufacturing industry have been difficult, AAI is targeting new market sectors for growth.

“In these times we know that protecting our business and our employees is paramount. Narrowing our focus and strategically targeting specific new areas for growth is critical to our success in this endeavor”, added Melvin. “We anticipate the political networks and business leadership this group possesses will provide AAI meaningful opportunities for success.”

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Abating Chinese Supply Chain Risks

September 5, 2020

Much has been recently written about the fragility of global supply chains. COVID 19, the trade war, increasing tariffs, and a sliding dollar have all been cited as good reasons to revisit the rationale of global sourcing and consider re-shoring. What has not been written about is the situation on the ground in China. The industrial supply base in China is in turmoil, many manufacturing companies have gone out of business, and many more are on the verge of doing so. It is anticipated that 30% of these companies will be gone in a matter of months, most truly informed observers consider that figure optimistic.

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